Look, I’m not a lawyer, and neither are you (probably). These are some terms regarding the rights that you have once you purchase one of my pieces. No legal mumbo-jumbo or bullshit.

︎Are an independent musician who intends to release a project with my artwork as the cover.
︎Are not a label / management / etc (email me instead).

You Receive
︎A high resolution image (3000 x 3000 @ 300 DPI).
︎Exclusive rights to use this image for anything music-related in good faith.
You May
︎Use the image as the cover of an album / single / ep. It’s cool to use the image across releases too (one image for the single, EP, and album).
︎Use the image in any promotional material or merchandise relating to the project.

You Cannot
︎Resell the image.
︎Use the image outside of the scope of a music release.

Basically, use the image for an album. Use it for promo  & merch for that album. Don’t just buy it and sell prints.